Enhancing the lives of pets and their owners through information and education.

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About Animalinfo's Authors

  • Diana Andersen

    Diana is the founder of Animalinfo Publications. Originally a designer, Diana changed her profession later in her career to work with animals. She maintains a large collection of birds including participating in rescue and rehabilitation of wild birds and endangered species breeding programs. She is a published author, has been a zoo keeper and has also bred and exhibited Australian Cattle Dogs. Her aims in establishing Animalinfo Publications is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners through information and education.

  • Cathy Lambert
    Cathy Lambert

    Cathy has spent most of her professional life with animals, first as a vet nurse and then as a zoo keeper specialising in researching and breeding Australian endangered species for release. Cathy's work has helped in preventing the extinction of several critically endangered species. Cathy also participates in field research on endangered Australian mammals.

  • Rae Joy
    Rae Joy

    Rae is a vet nurse working in the zoo industry. She has experience with everything from domestic dogs and cats through to elephants. Her special area of interest is bears and she is a volunteer with the Animals Asia Foundation where she has worked with rescued bears in China and Vietnam.

  • Lisa Mantellato
    Lisa Mantellato

    Lisa’s work with animals began at a dog’s refuge then later as a volunteer for wildlife rescue. Her interest in wildlife took her to a career in Australian native animal research, concentrating on endangered species. Lisa has worked as a Zoo Keeper, breeding endangered species for release and she also has a recreational interest in horses and equestrian sports.

  • Sarah McMullen

    Sarah is an animal behaviourist and trainer who has worked with many exotic animals such as Orangutans and other primate species. Her special area of interest is canine behaviour and Sarah owns and operates ' Clever Creatures', a business that focuses on online education and supplies for behaviour and training. Her passion is to make behaviour information accessible and affordable for everyone.


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